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Thanks for visiting this page.

Its so funny that you wanna find out who the author of this great blog is. Well Am KINGLEE C.E.O

I am a nigerian professional blogger who spends most of my time researching and reading informative books and articles. I do this just to provide my users with the best and most trust worthy contents. To be sincere, its not been easy since i started my career as not only a blogger but also an article writer. I love writing articles that will help ensure my users return to my website.  Realbaze actually has been my very first piece of work. Am so happy that i gat good and honest users like you.  Actually i started web development while i was only 14yrs of age. Blogging is not something one justs jumps into. You must have passion and must be willingly to abide and be legally bound by the terms and conditions of GOOGLE. Blogging involves you sitting down and making researches before the publication of any article. Blogging is not something one can just use tricks or illegal means to over power others. It takes time. I love my users thats the reason i try my very best to provide them with good and meaningful contents.


What ever you have passion for, Just try your best to work on it, never use illegal; means or some tricky short-cuts to mannover things. Be patient and the sky will be your starting point.




I am KINGLEE your loyal blog authur,

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